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Copernico Solution Manager is the photovoltaic software configurator for photovoltaic fields, specifically designed for Astrid’s inverter line Copernico. Due to a custom-made software, it is possible to create a highly detailed configuration of a photovoltaic field, completely defined by the user. You can add and setup multiple parameters like: number of photovoltaic panels and inverters, shape of the photovoltaic field, quantity of solar energy produced, inverter’s accessories, array monitor and accessories, monitoring system, cabling check, etc...

With few clicks you can configure photovoltaic energy plants, managed through projects created directly by the user with an user friendly graphic interface. This software can save the configurations on the server, offering the possibility of loading, modifying and printing them every time you want. A computer connected to the internet is necessary to use these functionalities.

With Copernico Solution Manager the user gains a complete control of her/his own project list. Managing of different versions of a single project or configuration of more complex solar plants, made up of several project parts, is also possible through our solar configurator. Even setup of new user defined photovoltaic panels is provided, should the user not find a suitable photovoltaic panel in the software database.

Copernico Solution Manager is the last component completing Astrid’s offer in the solar power conversion field.

Have a look at Copernico Solution Manager at work by clicking on the on-line demo below or create your own free account and start using immediately the photovoltaic configurator!

Look at the demo [Size: ~9MB]

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